Best Free Downloadable CV and Resume Templates

Every time you get a refusal or don’t even get any response from an employer after sending over your CV you wonder why they didn’t call you, didn’t invite you to an interview. Maybe the problem is in your resume? What if its nonprofessional look, clutter structure and a poor layout don’t impress your recruiters and they just put your CV away.

Social Media Graphics: Free PSD Templates for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Today, social media promotion of a business is no less important than offline marketing and PPC campaigns. More and more people hang buy via social media, watch YouTube videos in search of social proof, monitor news and updates via Instagram, prefer to contact a company via Facebook rather than via the support form on a website. If you want to earn your customers’ loyalty and commitment, trust and love, you should communicate with them via social media.

22+ Free Back to School Flyer Templates in PSD with Premium Version!

Are you planning a back to school party event? The first thing you should take care about in organization of an event is the tough promotion via online social media event promotion + printable back to school flyer invitations. The design of a social media cover page + flyer for a back to school event may become a time-consuming and spending task.

The Collection of Multipurpose Free CD Cover PSD Templates

CD/ DVD covers have a wide application in the creative sphere of business and art. CD covers can be used by musicians and DJs for their albums of recordings, mixtapes and singles. Photographers use DVD covers to create an original cover design for discs with wedding videos and photos for their customers.

Get Ready for Easter 2022: 20+ Free Easter Flyer Templates in PSD + Premium

Easter is the biggest spring holiday that is celebrated in many countries around the world. There are so many Easter events which people organize to celebrate the Jesus Christ’s Resurrection. We have collected 20 fresh Easter flyers templates for your Church Easter Sunday Event, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter party etc.  These free and premium print-ready flyer templates are made with one goal – to facilitate your task in promoting your upcoming Easter event and equip graphic designers with high-quality resources so they can easily customize them in Photoshop. Enjoy our premium & free Easter flyer templates for Photoshop!

20+ Free Memorial Day Flyer PSD Templates (+Premium)

Every year on the last Monday of May, people in the USA celebrate Memorial Day. Formerly, people used to honor those who died during the American Civil War, by visiting graveyards and putting flowers and flags on the graves. But more and more people prefer to spend this holiday in a more active way, by organizing outdoor events, like BBQ picnics, sports events and nightclub parties. Now, this federal holiday is traditionally celebrated as the beginning of the summer season.

25+ Absolutely Free Party Flyer Templates in PSD!

The organization of the party event implies a complex approach. If you want that your party gets flooded with guests, you need to do your best to spread the word of mouth. Flyers are one of the most cost-effective and quickest ways to promote such events as nightclub parties. With an attractive flyer design, you draw the public attention and, on the other hand, it serves as an invitation that communicates the date, place and other party details.

22+ Free Creative Portfolio & Resume PSD Templates to Showcase Your Work and Premium Version!

When your work is focused on creative or art projects, in most cases your future clients would like to see your previous work before they hire you. For the most of the professions, a resume is the best way to tell who you are, what are your skills and experience. But when it comes to some creative professions, like artists, photographers, journalists or copywriters, then a resume is not enough to showcase your work.

June 2021: 25+ Best Free Non Profit Flyer & Brochure PSD Templates + Premium

There are a lot of non-profit organizations which are formed in order to provide public benefit and help different communities with the help of charitable missions and fundraising. Among the most popular non-profit organizations are public aid societies, volunteer organizations, public clinics, animal public hospitals and organizations, churches, public schools, labor unions, public charities, research institutes, museums, etc.

Free Vacation & Travel Brochure Templates in PSD and Premium Version!

Vacation is the best time of the year. It’s the time for having fun, traveling, sunbathing and adventures! When people plan to travel somewhere, the first place they visit is a travel agency. The first thing they are provided at a travel agency is vacation & travel brochures. Free travel brochures are the best and most cost-effective way to showcase vacation packages, travel directions and travel tours by a travel agency, a tour operator, a hotel or airlines company.

15+ Free & Exclusive Menu PSD Templates for Cafes and Restaurants

The success and profitability of any restaurant, café, fast food place or pizza place depends upon how much people will eat. People usually order food only after a careful study of the menu card. So, now we now that the profitability of a restaurant depends directly upon restaurant menu. The more appealing the cafe menu is, the more chances people will order more menu items.

36+ Free Brochure Templates for Food, Travel Business and Health & Beauty

Brochures play an important marketing role in local advertising and promotion. On the one hand, a good brochure template serves as a lead nurturing tool that educates your potential customers about your products or services.  On the other hand, it makes people buy from you, by persuading them to take action that is conveyed in the brochure.

20 Business Card PSD and Vector Designs for Architects and Designers

An architect is one of the most creative professions that is focused on creating and constructing beautiful buildings with creative design. While many architecture and design experts build business connections via LinkeIn now, a lot of architects and designers keep networking in an offline world, at conferences, summits, workshops, etc. In this case, an eye catchy and high-end business card is the key means for exchanging contact information, growing your professional network and getting new clients for architecture and design projects.

10+ Free Photography Brochure Templates in PSD + Premium Version

Today, there are so many photographers in the world and it’s become harder and harder to stand out from the competition. In the context of fierce competition, one should build a convincing sales pitch with the help of thought out marketing strategy. Online advertising via Google ads, Instagram ads and Facebook retargeting should be a part of advertising campaigns.

21+ Free Fashion Flyer Templates in PSD for Business Promotion & Premium Version!

Fashion and beauty industry is full of competition and you must offer something really worth or offer in such a way that grabs the attention of potential buyers and visitors. Effective promotion and offline adverting is half the battle. Promotional flyers are one of the key advertising means for spreading the word about your fashion business special offers, sales proposition and fashion event.

26+ Free Beach and Sea Flyer PSD Templates + Premium Version

We are happy to present our handpicked 26+ fresh and hot Free & Premium Beach and Sea Themed Flyer PSD Templates. These high-end flyer PSD templates will perfectly fit both the needs of graphic designers who want to create custom summer party flyer designs and the needs of promoters and nightclub owners who need pre-made templates which require minimum customization and design efforts for creating printable stylish summer party flyers and nightclub flyer invitations.

20 Best Free Valentine’s Day Flyer Templates in PSD + Premium Version

Are you in search of an awesome St. Valentine’s Day flyer design template that will help you promote your V-Day party, or romantic Valentine’s Day dinner or a hot cocktail love party, but you are short of time for creating a custom design? It’s not the hardest part of event organization. Especially when you have a plan B – our high quality, easy-to-edit and ready-to-print V-Day flyer templates for online and offline marketing campaigns.

15 Print-Ready Minimalist Business Card PSD Templates for Free Download

Even now, in the era of digital communication and social media expansion, business cards still play an important role in building business relationships and making your business stand out from the crowd. Another task of a good business card is to make a good first impression about a person or his/her business.

22+ Free Hot Beach and Pool Party Invitation PSD Templates & Premium Version!

Summer is a great season, as it provides so many opportunities for having fun. You can travel a lot, visit multiple outdoor events and festivals. But the best place to spend your time and have fun is a beach. In fact, the beach is a perfect place for organizing hot beach parties, BBQ parties, parties hosted around a pool. If you are planning a hot beach party, or pool party, you need eye-catchy and professional promotion flyers for inviting as many guests as possible.