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How it works:

Firstly you should complete the form below and we will grant access to your personal account.
You create flyer templates, add them through your personal account to our website, your templates will be on sale and you will see the number of your sales. And furthermore you will have the ability to withdraw money once a week. You will get 80% from all the sales. Flyer costs $2.99 and you will get $2,4 from the each sale.
No product review process. In comparison with we won’t approve the each your flyer. You will publish all you want and it will be on sale. Let our clients decide is your design good or not.
Low Competition. At this moment only several persons work on our website and accordingly your flyers won’t be lost in large quantity of products (for example about 20000 flyers are on That is why you have much more chances to sell your flyer.
Good traffic and a large community. About 1500 target customers visit our resource every day. Respectively you can have good sells of your flyers. We are developing our site and we are making investments in it. The number of visitors increases every day. Each Monday we add 4 new free flyers to freebies category. It also gives the opportunity to attract more prospective buyers to our website.
Non exclusivity lock-in. You can sell them anywhere you want, as on our website and on another place as well. You can decide yourself when and where you will sell your products.
Withdrawing money. Currently we can offer you to withdraw your money each week (at least $30) using Payoneer or PayPal.


1. The items you upload for sale must be your own creation. Do not submit works based on tutorials or other people's designs. All the samples you publish should be made by yourselves. You shouldn’t use other people’s achievements or ready-made files.

2. You must have the rights to license the items you upload, either because they are your own original content, or because you have a license that grants youpermission to resell any third-party assets included with your item.
It is required for you to possess copyright documents for the materials you suggest and have an official permission to propose them to your clients.

3. Do not buy your own items or engage in other conduct with the intention of defrauding Elegantflyer or other authors.p>

4. Don’t download the products of your own design in order to avoid the intention of cheating Elegantflyer or other authors.

5. Do not upload files that promote vulgar words, nudity or extreme violence.

6. Everything uploaded to Elegantflyer should comply with the opportunities for commercial sale.

We invite to cooperation only the best creators.
That is why please indicate a link to your portfolio and your e-mail.
We will contact you as soon as possible.