May 2018: 20 Fresh PSD Free & Premium Party Flyers Templates!

We are very glad to present to your attention our new interesting and really fresh set of 20 Fresh PSD Free & Premium Party Flyers Templates, that we have created during May 2018 for your awesome design and professional projects! Premium and Free Flyer templates in PSD are professional and qualitative to serve designers’ and promoters’ goals.

This awesome collection is dedicated to the sphere of parties and holidays. Any special night club event can become much more interesting if you prepare for it in advance. No matter if you want to organize a party for lots of people, or only for your best friends or relatives, you are always free to be original and surprise your future guests with qualitative preparations.

20 Free and Premium PSD Flyers for Independence Day Celebration 2018

You are welcome to enjoy our roundup of free and premium 4th of July PSD Flyers!

Independence Day is the most significant holiday for American people and the closer to this day, the more and more celebration events take place. On the 4th of July in 1776, the USA became an independent country and, since then, every year, people pay tribute to the founding fathers of the Declaration of Independence.

Best Flyer PSD Templates to Get Prepared for Sports Events 2018

2018 is one of the most eventful years in terms of sports events. Let’s have a look at the most anticipated sports events in 2018.

The FIFA World Cup 2018

Nearly every soccer fan is impatiently waiting for this biggest event in the world of football. In between June 14 and July 15, 31 teams will meet in Russia

20 Business Card PSD and Vector Designs for Architects and Designers

An architect is one of the most creative professions that is focused on creating and constructing beautiful buildings with creative design. While many architecture and design experts build business connections via LinkeIn now, a lot of architects and designers keep networking in an offline world, at conferences, summits, workshops, etc. In this case, an eye catchy and high-end business card is the key means for exchanging contact information, growing your professional network and getting new clients for architecture and design projects.

20 Hot Beach and Pool Party Invitation PSD Templates 2018 for Free

Summer is a great season, as it provides so many opportunities for having fun. You can travel a lot, visit multiple outdoor events and festivals. But the best place to spend your time and have fun is a beach. In fact, the beach is a perfect place for organizing hot beach parties, BBQ parties, parties hosted around a pool. If you are planning a hot beach party, or pool party, you need eye-catchy and professional promotion flyers for inviting as many guests as possible.

20 Creative Portfolio & Resume Free and Premium PSD Templates to Showcase Your Work

When your work is focused on creative or art projects, in most cases your future clients would like to see your previous work before they hire you. For the most of the professions, a resume is the best way to tell who you are, what are your skills and experience. But when it comes to some creative professions, like artists, photographers, journalists or copywriters, then a resume is not enough to showcase your work.

Funeral & Memorial Programs: 20 Free PSD Templates to Celebrate the Life

A lot of people prefer to take care of the people they loved even after their death. In this case, they organize a funeral and a memorial service. For both events, they need special brochures – a funeral program and a memorial service program. What is the difference and where to take these programs? Find the answers below.

20 Memorial Day Free and Premium PSD Flyer Print Templates

Every year on the last Monday of May, people in the USA celebrate Memorial Day. Formerly, people used to honor those who died during the American Civil War, by visiting graveyards and putting flowers and flags on the graves. But more and more people prefer to spend this holiday in a more active way, by organizing outdoor events, like BBQ picnics, sports events and nightclub parties. Now, this federal holiday is traditionally celebrated as the beginning of the summer season.

What Colors for Logos to Choose + 20 Amazing AI & EPS Logos for Your Business!

The logo is one the most important elements of the corporate image of the company. It serves, first of all, to identify the company on the market. Logos appeared to distinguish the products of various firms within the same industry. The registered trade mark protects the company from unfair competition and allows protecting its rights in court. In the perception of the consumer, the presence of a logo or trademark is a guarantee of the quality of the goods.

It is very important to consciously create a logo for your company. Everything should be taken into account: sizes, shapes, text and, of course, colors. Here you can find some important information about what color to choose exactly for your advertising needs.

20+ Free & Exclusive Vintage PSD Templates Which Will Never Get Outdated

Some things never get old and never go out of style. Vintage is one of such things. It has deeply engrained in marketing and art. It’s no wonder, as every time we look at something from the past, especially when it’s a good past, we feel happy and secure, like in old good times, when everything was simple and life was easier. A lot of marketers and brands use vintage in their marketing campaigns in order to create an emotional response in consumers and make them buy the things which trigger that feeling of happiness and lightheartedness.

20 Free Downloadable Summer Party Flyer PSD Templates 2018

When summer comes, the only desire almost people have is to have vacation, rest, parties and cocktails. Well, summer is almost here and it’s high time to think about the promotion of hot summer parties. What is the best and cheapest way to promote your upcoming summertime party and invite as more guests as possible? A creative and attractive flyer invitation is the most cost-effective and easiest way to attract local residents to a party event. We have a great collection of creative, modern and hot free premade summer flyer PSD templates which will fit a wide range of summer party events 2018, like beach parties, pool parties, outdoor events with cocktails, nightclub and DJ parties.

The Collection of Multipurpose Free CD/DVD Cover PSD Templates

CD/ DVD covers have a wide application in the creative sphere of business and art. CD covers can be used by musicians and DJs for their albums of recordings, mixtapes and singles. Photographers use DVD covers to create an original cover design for discs with wedding videos and photos for their customers. Someone uses CD covers for family videos and photos, favorite music lists etc. The CD cover makes this or that CD unique, original and helps to distinguish your favorite discs from others.

15+ Free & Exclusive Menu PSD Templates for Cafes and Restaurants

The success and profitability of any restaurant, café, fast food place or pizza place depends upon how much people will eat. People usually order food only after a careful study of the menu card. So, now we now that the profitability of a restaurant depends directly upon restaurant menu. The more appealing the cafe menu is, the more chances people will order more menu items.

10 Free & Exclusive Photography Brochure Templates in PSD

Today, there are so many photographers in the world and it’s become harder and harder to stand out from the competition. In the context of fierce competition, one should build a convincing sales pitch with the help of thought out marketing strategy. Online advertising via Google ads, Instagram ads and Facebook retargeting should be a part of advertising campaigns. Another effective type of advertising, especially in terms of local advertising, is handing out promotional brochures. Brochures perfectly fit the promotional needs of photography services, as they combine both advertising and portfolio features.  On the one hand, you can showcase your work with the help of beautiful photos you made, and on the other hand, you put important information:

10 Print-Ready Minimalist Business Card PSD Templates for Free Download

Even now, in the era of digital communication and social media expansion, business cards still play an important role in building business relationships and making your business stand out from the crowd. Another task of a good business card is to make a good first impression about a person or his/her business. Taking into account all the purposes and goals which a business card accomplishes, many people try to cram into a business card design too many business details and make it too flashy. Well, not all people can focus on the key points and in most cases, such business cards are thrown away. It is important to keep the business card design minimalist and contrasted, so the business details are distinct and clear against the design. Less is more, – let this be your motto in the design of business cards.

Thematic Retro Party or How to Organize an Unforgettable Event + Crazy PSDs!

Fans of retro style shouldn’t be sad, because in recent years, songs that sound 30 years ago, and the fashion of that time gained their second popularity. There are lots of popular parties in the style of the 80’s, where they gladly break into the songs of Modern Talking and ABBA, both young people and the older generation. Also, it is possible to create a style of that time: stylish clothes, hair, shoes.

Bright large accessories, colorful jackets, dresses with magnificent skirts of bright coloring – everything this can be found today in clothing stores. True, all the “treasures” on the boutiques of treasures, it is also necessary to combine correctly!

6 Logo Design Trends 2018 to Keep Your Logo Up-to-Date

Though being a small mark, logo plays a significant role in making a company or brand recognizable, prominent and helps a brand to stand out from the crowd, which is not an easy task. A good logo design should meet the following requirements:

  • Logo should resonate with target audience;
  • Logo should be up-to-date at all times;
  • Logo should be made according to the latest graphic design trends;
  • Logo should be simple and coherent.
  • Logo should be flexible and versatile.