What is the Premium License?

Premium License is provided in case of a purchase or membership subscription, If you have purchased any template, you don’t need to provide link to our website.

You are allowed:

If you use our resources for personal and commercial purposes, you are allowed to use them as main elements of the final design that is included to your design projects.
You have purchased membership subscription or a template, adjusted it to your client’s needs, sold it and the client asked for a source file? Of course you can sell the source file to your clients without any attributions or links to us.
You are allowed to create designs for your clients or for personal needs on the basis of our templates and illustrations.

You are not allowed to:

Redistribute SOURCE FILES of our templates or illustrations, even in a modified form. For example, you have downloaded a template, modified it, redistributed and have been selling on Graphicriver.net or on your website. It’s strongly prohibited! Or, you have downloaded our template, redistributed SOURCE FILES on your website with an offer to download them for free. It’s also prohibited.