Welcome to our Support menu. Here you can ask any technical questions about our flyers and services if you have some. Also look through FAQ and watch the Video guide about our website. Our ticket system is available 24 hours a day on weekdays.

ATTENTION before creating a ticket please:

  1. No link to download:
    If you have bought a template and now you can’t download it, please send us Your Order ID number and the link to the necessary flyer. Only with this information we can help you!
  2. I have paid but I can’t use membership:
    Pay attention that account activation may take some time. Please, wait a little after payment before starting using our service.
  3. Important information for us to help you:
    If you can’t login on our website, please send us your Order ID number and the email you used while registration. Only with this information we can help you!
  4. Where you can see the answer for your ticket:
    It is important to know, that answers to your tickets you can find on our website in support menu and in your email.
  5. Time of getting the answer for your ticket:
    You can get the answer to your question during 24 hours. Please, remember that only giving us all the necessary information we can help you as quickly as possible!

If you haven't created the ticket yet you should use your data that you have on your email. They should be on your email from the moment of registration. Use them if you want to continue.

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