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File Licenses

File License

Thank you for choosing Goodocs Team Ltd, located at 3021, Cyprus, Limassol, Pavlou Nirvana & Aipesias, 4 Alpha Tower, 1st floor, office 11.

Elegantflyer is a website offering a huge variety of flyer templates, brochures and other type of content (hereinafter referred to as "products") both free of charge and on a subscription basis.

The products on Elegantflyer are owned by Elegantflyer. They are licensed to you under this license file. Please read these terms carefully and get familiar with them before purchasing a subscription or downloading a free product.

We offer a variety of resources for your creative projects, and each falls under one of two licenses: free or paid subscription. Here's a detailed description of each so you can choose the right one for your needs.


Free License

  • Use: Our resources under a free license are available for non-commercial use. This means you can use them for personal projects, educational materials and other scenarios that do not involve commercial benefit.

  • Limitations: Under the free subscription, you can download up to 10 templates per month.

  • Attribution: When using resources under a free license, be sure to credit Elegantflyer.com as the source. For example, in the following form with a link www.elegantflyer.com "Designed By Elegantflyer".

  • Restrictions: You may not resell or redistribute our free resources as separate products.


Paid Subscription and License

  • No Attribution: Subscription provides you with a paid license that allows you to use our resources without attribution.

  • Commercial Use: With a paid license, you can use our resources in any commercial projects.

  • Download Limitations: A paid subscription provides access to an unlimited number of templates with a reasonable limit of 100 templates per day.

  • Restrictions: Despite the advanced features, the paid license requires compliance with our general terms of use. You may not resell or redistribute our resources as separate products.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use resources for commercial projects with a free license?

  •  No, commercial projects require a paid subscription.

What is the correct way to indicate attribution?

  • Attribution must be visible and include a link to Elegantflyer.com.

Can I switch between licenses?

  • Yes, you can start with a free license and switch to a paid subscription if needed.

What actions are prohibited even with a paid license?

  • Even with a paid license, it is prohibited to resell or distribute our resources as independent products.


Need Help?

If you have questions about our licenses or need more information, please contact our Elegantflyer.com support team.