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Free Photoshop Text Effects in PSD

Download PSD text effects for Photoshop free of charge from Elegantflyer. A wide choice, top quality, easy to apply and edit in PS.

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Candy - 3D
Rainbow - 3D
Wooden - 3D
Fresh - Water

Download Photoshop text effects for an impressive result

We welcome you to check out Text Effects – the newest category here on elegantflyer.com! If you would like to download free Photoshop text effects, you came to the right place. On this page you will find a great spectrum of text effects PSD samples crafted by our skilled and daring designers. Following the latest trends, they keep working hard to broaden this list with the new incredible additions that can help you turn any line into a mind-blowing piece of art!

Here at Elegantflyer we believe that having one, or better several top quality text effects ready at hand brings you nothing but benefits. Representing different styles, being diverse at shapes and palettes, text effects in PSD format can level up the look of any web page or printed products you are working on. So, don’t miss a chance to download professionally crafted customizable effects from Elegantflyer for free!

 Fantastic text effects for Photoshop: free and easy to customize

Using PSD text effects in your projects is a sure way to draw the customers’ and followers’ attention, and show everyone that you are keen on the latest design trends. Luckily, you don’t even have to be a professional artist to apply a cool text style to the wording. Thanks to Smart Objects, an effect can modify any text in a just a couple of clicks. We’re certain that the intuitive use will spur you towards experimenting and enjoying the process.

And now, an even better piece of news for you: the majority of the text effects for Photoshop here at Elegantflyer are available for free! This means that your new creations can have a jaw-dropping effect on the audience without making you spend an extra dime. All you need is Adobe Photoshop installed on your device, and some basic skills of using it. Have fun!

frequently asked question

What is text effect in Photoshop?
Speaking briefly, a Photoshop text effect is a range of actions applied to text in order to give it a more appealing and interesting look. With the aid of text effects for Photoshop one can decorate their design both with a unique font and some cool effects in just a few clicks. Not only do the effects save one’s time, but also become a perfect final touch when it comes to design of logos, product display, etc. The success of advertisements, posters and a whole range of other print media depends upon the original and eye-catching effects applied to them. Thanks to Smart Objects, the Photoshop text effects compiled in this category on elegantflyer.com work as the standard PSD templates which means that you can apply them to modify your text within moments.
How do I download text effects for Photoshop from Elegantflyer?
The goal-driven designers here at elegantflyer.com have applied their skill and aspiration to come up with an exclusive selection of free high-end text effects for Photoshop. We keep working hard to enlarge this collection with the new amazing additions, and help you reach the most daring goals at promotion and commerce. To download a free Photoshop text effect from Elegantflyer, first you should click any sample presented here. Next, press the “Free Download” button on the right to a chosen template – and in just 15 seconds the file will be saved automatically on your device. Finally, when you start editing a text in Adobe Photoshop, you’ll be able to apply the special effect to it with ease in a couple of clicks.
Can I use text effects in Adobe Photoshop free?
Just like all other Adobe Creative Cloud products, Photoshop is available for users worldwide at a fee. However, every newbie can enjoy a totally free 7-day trial version. Within the first seven days it is possible to create, enhance, and customize images, including templates in PSD format; of course, one also can apply text effects – such as the ones offered here by elegantflyer.com. To start using the free trial version of Photoshop, you should open the official Adobe site, pick a pricing plan, and press the button with the words “Free Trial”. Now, choose one of the following plans: for individuals, businesses, or students. Now, create an Adobe ID, have the program downloaded on your device – and enjoy the full and updated version of Photoshop. In seven days the program will suggest you continue the subscription.
How do I apply text effects in Photoshop?
The great advantage of Adobe Photoshop is that you don’t need to be a trained designer with tons of experience to create amazing commercial or personal projects, and achieve impressive results. This also refers to Photoshop text effects – we may assure you that the process of bringing any special styles to your new project will be fast and smooth. As we all know, Smart Objects lie in the core of all Photoshop items, and since text effects aren’t an exception you will be able to apply any such style to a piece of text within seconds. Similarly, it won’t take you long to modify a typeface, change the palette, etc. Here’s a brief guidance on applying a text effect for you: 1. Open the text effect file directly on PS, or load it through the Layer Styles or Graphic Style panels. 2. Click Open in PS, navigate to where the file is saved, and select it. 3. Adjust the text effect as needed by operating it through the Layers panel; you can delete or hide such elements as lights, color, etc.
Are text effects from Elegantflyer free, and how can I use them?
A fantastic look and intuitive, hassle-free use is the reason behind the popularity of Photoshop text effects; the more of them you have in your toolbar the bigger are your chances to succeed. For this reason the Elegantflyer team keeps working hard to offer you a broad selection of text effects for Photoshop. And what’s best – the majority of them are free! When downloading a free Photoshop text effect from elegantflyer.com, you are granted a non-exclusive, royalty-free license. This means that you can use the text effect for any personal or commercial purposes. However, you should consider that in case with all free templates, including text effects, we expect you to make an attribution by providing a link to our site or to the original text effect template.