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Animated PSD templates from Elegantflyer will impress your followers

On this page elegantflyer.com is proud to present animated PSD templates – one of the broadest and most amazing categories on our site! Thanks to the constantly growing popularity social media also became wildly popular platforms for advertising and promotion. For this reason we started crafting animated PSD templates – the products which appeared to be twice as effective when posted online! While Instagram, Facebook and other major social media are full of promotional materials, the special effects applied to them raise chances for your offers to draw the due attention of the followers.

Created with skill and creativity by our professional designers, the templates compiled on this page can make a strong impression with their fresh, modern and catchy look. The spinning, flashing and sliding elements will instantly draw the looks of your followers online, spurring them to discover more about your special offers. Using a fabulous animated template from Elegantflyer will grant your party, concert or a sale an immediate success!

Unique effects and easy customization of animated PSD templates

When crafting free animated PSD templates for social media our designers apply all their creativity and skill to make these products look catchy and original online. You can be sure that all animated elements will run like clockwork once you share the new stories, posts and covers online. Each sample in this category includes several types of templates for Instagram and Facebook, to help you cover every need.

And now the best part! Our free animated templates are just as easy to customize in Adobe Photoshop as all other templates in PSD format. This means that changing the text, palette and other details won’t take longer than a few minutes; besides, you’re welcome to follow our short professional tutorial attached to each download page. Go ahead, pick your perfect animated template, and enjoy!

General FAQ

What is an animated PSD template?

Trendy, fun and original, animated templates can help any business, blog or user grab the audience’s attention within moments. Social networks are where the animated posts have gained the most popularity. Sharing a stylish banner with an unusual animation is a sure way to make your promotion campaign successful. One way to prepare a cool animated sample is to craft it from scratch; however, this may require much time, especially from those who lack skills in using graphic software. But luckily, elegantflyer.com can offer a diverse list of animated templates for you to download and share.

An animated template in the PSD format is a digital product which has a pre-designed structure and composition, with the special animation effects applied to it. Similarly to other PSD templates, an animated sample can be fully customized in Adobe Photoshop. The animation will keep working, after you’ve changed the elements of the template, and saved the changes.

How can I download an animated PSD template from Elegantflyer?

Saving animated templates presented at elegantflyer.com is easy; a few clicks are enough to do that whether you opt for our broad array of Free samples, or decide to download the Premium ones. Our amazing team of designers has applied all their skill and creativity to craft unique animated models that will leave no potential customer indifferent.

Any free animated template can be saved on your device once you’ve clicked the “Free Download” button on the right to it. Within 25 seconds an automatic download on your computer will start; as a result you’ll get a ZIP archive, from which you can extract the file with the original animated template, and edit it in Photoshop.

As for the Premium PSD samples, you can download them by pressing the red button which says “Purchase”, and proceed to checkout. Elegantflyer has taken care for this process to be fast and reliable.

Can I customize an animated PSD template in Adobe Photoshop for free?

Adjusting PSD templates in Photoshop for free is possible if you use the free trial version of this software. Being a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop is available for any user worldwide at a certain fee. However, new users are allowed to check out the benefits of the program’s full version free of charge. The trial period lasts for seven days, and allows you to explore the software’s numerous options, start new projects, and edit the pre-made PSD templates – including the animated samples from Elegantflyer.

To get an immediate access to the Photoshop trial version, you should open the official Adobe site, choose one of the pricing plans, and click the “Free Trial” button. To proceed, pick one of these plans: for individuals, for business, or for students, then create a new Adobe ID, and download the program on your device free of charge. Over the next week you can enjoy using the world’s best web design software updated to the latest version. Once the trial period expires, you’re welcome to purchase the long-time subscription.

How can I customize an animated PSD template from Elegantflyer?

Although animated PSD templates do differ from regular PSD samples that have no special effects to them, editing such files is just as easy even to the Photoshop newbies. Any animated PSD file has a pre-designed structure which allows you to change its texting, images and other elements without having to fully craft the template’s composition and layout.

To customize an animated PSD template in Adobe Photoshop, start off by downloading the file in a form of ZIP archive on your computer or other device. Next, extract the original file in PS, and go through the list of the so-called “layers” (a number of stacked images that don’t destruct or interact), to alter the ones you need. A detailed tutorial by Elegantflyer may help you on the way. Once changed, an animated sample can be distributed and posted on such global social networks as Instagram and Facebook.

Are animated PSD templates from Elegantflyer free? How can I use them?

Our friendly team at elegantflyer.com is glad to offer you an exclusive collection of both Free and Premium animated PSD templates for such major social networks as Instagram and Facebook. Designed by true professionals, these samples will easily draw your followers’ attention, and will help to give a boost to your business.

When you download a free animated PSD sample from our site, we provide you with a non-exclusive, royalty-free license. This means that you edit, reproduce, and share such a template worldwide, for any commercial and personal purposes. Keep in mind though that with the free samples Elegantflyer obliges you to attribute to the site. Please, link back to the original file or to elegantflyer.com when sharing the animated template on social media.

In case with the Premium animated PSD templates, there are no limitations or requirements to provide the links. These benefits are provided to the users who purchase our paid samples, or buy a subscription.