Get Ready for Easter 2018: 20 Free and Premium PSD Flyer Templates

Easter is the biggest spring holiday that is celebrated in many countries around the world. There are so many Easter events which people organize to celebrate the Jesus Christ’s Resurrection. We have collected 20 fresh Easter flyer PSD templates for your Church Easter Sunday Event, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter party etc.  These free and premium print-ready flyer templates are made with one goal – to facilitate your task in promoting your upcoming Ester event and equip graphic designers with high-quality resources so they can easily customize them in Photoshop. Enjoy our premium & free Easter PSD flyer templates!

20 The Best Sport Flyer Templates for Professional Event Advertisement!

What role does sport play in human life? Let’s determine some interesting facts about this special activity. Throughout the world, people see it differently of course. Some are very cool about sports and some even consider it as a waste of time. But there are lots of people see the meaning of the sport and perceive it as part of their life.

We are sure that sport brings great joy. People go to the section, visit sports clubs, play sports games and communicate with new people. Sports team games bring the joy of victory as well. Traveling to different cities and countries to competitions is one of the most interesting side of the sport. All this and much more brings great joy. Sport brings up the character of a powerful person. Doing sports can strengthen willpower and disciplines people.

How to Find the Right Font + 20 Free Fonts for Flyers & Brochures

Selecting a typeface for a brochure or a flyer is one of the most important factors in the process of design. There is a sheer number of free fonts on the internet, from neutral conventional, to futuristic and to fancy handwritten. Such a plethora of typefaces makes it hard to make the right choice and pick the font which would perfectly match the flyer or brochure design. The font choice directly depends on design, objective and the key message of a printed material. To make this vague statement more clear, let’s have a closer look at the factors which help to choose the right fonts for your flyers and brochures templates which make them stand out and easy-to-read at the same time.

Get Ready for Birthday Party 2018 with Elegantflyer!

There is a special day for each of us – it’s our birthday. And no matter how old you are, this day will be still important. There are lots of interesting ways to celebrate this holiday. But because this day is only your own holiday, it is necessary to hold it so that it will be remembered for a long time. And therefore all efforts must be directed to approach its organization with special enthusiasm.

One shouldn’t forget about lots of details while organization such an event. Birthday Invitation is a very important detail. That’s why, we think this stylish collection of PSD Birthday flyers can be helpful for you in future to create the best invitation exactly for your Birthday Party!

15 Free and Premium St. Patrick’s Day Party Flyer Templates in PSD

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the first spring holidays and it is high time to wake from hibernation and have some fun with friends. If you have not yet prepared a green outfit, you better do this ASAP, or you might be pinched by leprechauns.

If you are planning some St. Patrick’s Day dedicated party, or you have an Irish pub, or you are a designer who forgot about an upcoming holiday and need to create some flyers or posters dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day, we have prepared a collection of dedicated “green” premium and free flyer templates + Facebook covers.

Business Advertisement or How to Get Benefit Choosing from 20 the Best Tri-Fold PSDs!

Properly and effectively conducted advertising for a company is one of the most important things while organizing any business. Advertising and promotions aren’t something supernatural, but urgent need for a company or an entrepreneur. It allows to raise recognition in the market, to form a good reputation for your business and of course to attract new customers. Let’s look at the most popular methods of advertising campaigns in our time.

Social Media Graphics: Free PSD Templates for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Today, social media promotion of a business is no less important than offline marketing and PPC campaigns. More and more people hang buy via social media, watch YouTube videos in search of social proof, monitor news and updates via Instagram, prefer to contact a company via Facebook rather than via the support form on a website. If you want to earn your customers’ loyalty and commitment, trust and love, you should communicate with them via social media.

Running several social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube takes a lot of time, efforts, and resources. Social media is mainly focused on the visual perception of information, so having high-quality images at hand is a must. Where to take so many creative high-quality visual graphics like images for company updates, social media banners for advertising, cover images? There are two options. You can hire a professional designer who will create graphics, or, you can use free social media PSD templates which you can open and edit in Photoshop at any time. Don’t worry, you don’t have to search those free templates yourself. We have compiled a collection of free social media templates for Photoshop for you.

Are you ready for Spring? 20 Awesome PSD Flyer Templates for Spring Events!

Everything looks better when the weather is fine. Spring – it is not only the brightest and colorful season. Spring is a state of mind. Spring mood gives us a lot of emotions and pleasant moments. At this time so want to live! Just live and enjoy it. Spring is a wonderful time of the year, which is simply impossible not to love.

For this reason, spring is a great time to organize some awesome parties for your friends and guests to wake up after long winter. There are 20 professional and modern PSD flyer templates for different spring events and holidays. You can choose from Premium and Free PSD event flyer templates and download them for your private and commercial needs.

5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid + 11 Free Professional CV Templates

Every time you send your CV and get a refusal from your potential employers, what is the odds of refusal because of a nonprofessional resume or CV. When you meet a person, his/her appearance is what creates the first impression. CV is what makes the first impression about a person in the eyes of recruiters and potential employers.

Tutorial: How to Create a Business Flyer Template in Photoshop

There are a huge variety of flyers on the web. Do you want to know how all those flyers are created, what graphic design techniques are applied and what magic Photoshop hotkeys are pressed? Our graphic design tutorial will not only show, but also will teach you the basics of how to make a professional and eye-catching business flyer template in Photoshop in 8 easy steps.

How to Choose the Right Business Logo + 38 Free Logo PSD Templates

If you plan or already run some business, it’s a must have to have a logo. A logo is the visit card of your business. After all, a logo should become the most recognizable thing associated with your business. But when it comes to choosing logo design, many get stuck.

How to choose the right logo for your business or brand?

The best way to design the right logo for your brand or business, you need to follow a few simple tips.

How to Customize a Free Brochure Template in Photoshop

These 9 easy-to-follow steps will help you customize any type of free brochure templates on our website. Use these techniques to edit any other brochure template in order to create a professional print-ready brochure for your business.

Step 1. In order to start the brochure template customization, we need to select a brochure. Go to and pick the brochure that fits your business needs. We have picked a free “Bus Travel” trifold brochure. You can find it under the menu All Freebie, in the category Free Brochures (

30+ Free Brochure Templates for Food, Health & Beauty and Travel Business

Brochures play an important marketing role in local advertising and promotion. On the one hand, a good brochure template serves as a lead nurturing tool that educates your potential customers about your products or services.  On the other hand, it makes people buy from you, by persuading them to take action that is conveyed in the brochure.

11 Best Free Downloadable CV and Resume Templates

Every time you get a refusal or don’t even get any response from an employer after sending over your CV you wonder why they didn’t call you, didn’t invite you to an interview. Maybe the problem is in your resume? What if its nonprofessional look, clutter structure and a poor layout don’t impress your recruiters and they just put your CV away.

Not all of us have design skills and enough time to create a perfect CV or resume template with a good design and layout from scratch. That’s why we created these professionally designed stylish free resume & CV templates. You can download any of the best free CV templates you like, customize it in Photoshop in a few clicks, send it to potential employers and your CV will definitely get noticed in the crowd of other applicants’ CVs. Win the job of your dreams with our free downloadable one-page CV & Resume templates.

How to Find Free Stock Images: Your Graphic Design Image Usage Guide

Today, in the era of multiple copyright rules, strict image usage policies and licenses, one of the most frequently asked question each designer asks himself is “Can I use this image?”  There are a lot of graphic designers who consider that a few changes to copyrighted elements make the work original and doesn’t require any permission for use or attribution to the original source. Let’s make it clear. The only work you should never ask permission to reuse is your own design. So, we would highly recommend that you open the Photoshop or Illustrator and create your own design elements and drawings which you can edit, share, reuse and distribute with clear conscious.

In order to get all those intellectual property rights and fair use policy sorted out, one needs to know what are the graphic design ethics terminology and image usage policies.

8 Best Free and Premium Real Estate Flyer Templates for Agencies and Realtors

To be a good real estate broker one should be a good seller and promoter. What helps realtors to promote their services and bring clients? Digital marketing which includes Google ads, Facebook ads, marketing landing pages to attract home shoppers online etc. Another powerful marketing strategy is local advertising. Local advertising should include Google My Business real estate business promotion and advertising via time-honoured real estate bi-fold and tri-fold brochures, property listing leaflets and of course real estate flyers. Here are 8 free and premium flyer PSD templates you can download right away in order to create effective and eye-catching real estate flyers and gain an advantage in your local real estate market.

Top 20+ Tools and Apps to Make a Graphic Designer’s Life Easier in 2018

Being a good designer today means not just being a good artist with a creative set of mind. Of course, your skills and experience is half the battle, but well-stocked graphic design tools are not the last factor in success. Like no jedi can be a jedi without his lightsaber, no graphic designer can be a graphic designer without his graphic, drawing and editing tools. Elegantflyer team of designers has compiled a list of tools and apps that can help a graphic designer become more effective, faster and agile in 2018.

20 Best Free and Premium Valentine’s Day PSD Flyer Templates from Elegantflyer

Are you in search of an awesome St. Valentine’s Day flyer design template that will help you promote your V-Day party, or romantic Valentine’s Day dinner or a hot cocktail love party, but you are short of time for creating a custom design? It’s not the hardest part of event organization. Especially when you have a plan B – our high quality, easy-to-edit and ready-to-print V-Day flyer templates for online and offline marketing campaigns.

Each the selected flyer templates can be easily customized within few clicks in Photoshop, including texts, color scheme, and other elements to fit your event details. Each flyer template comes in 8,5” x 11” with 0,25’’ bleed dimension. As a bonus, you get an extra included in each flyer template – a Facebook cover to drive higher attention to your V-Day event via social media promotion.

Spread the word with our chic and modern 20 best Valentine’s Day flyer PSD templates we handpicked to satisfy your advertising needs.