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What will you get with our package?

On the page, you find a selection of Instagram post templates for different occasions. Holidays, Valentine’s day, birthday, Halloween, here, at one place. No matter how hard you try, you never find that great deal anywhere else. 

Why you should choose us:

  • First, an excellent visual identity style. You are different, not similar to others.
  • Second, ease of use. You simply edit layers and texts as you like.
  • Third, custom usage. Your Instagram page could be different, it has a lot of purposes. But with our story templates, one can get what he needs.
  • Fourth, no need to buy it a lot of times. Purchase it once, and use it all your life.
  • Fifth, the beauty part. Not everyone has a personal aesthetics, so it is important that we offer a large amount of appealing designs. It is not a challenge to create something special anymore!

Nowadays, it is important not only the photos in your profile, but an overall look and a text. If you manage a store, it is an opportunity to notify clients about discounts and sales and new arrivals.

Everyone will find something special at the website. People expect to see good-looking feed and we hope you do not want to let them down.

General FAQ

What is an Instagram PSD template?

There’s no need to say much about the popularity of Instagram, especially among the younger users. One of the world’s biggest social networks, it became not only a platform for socializing, but for advertising and business promotion as well. Drawing the audience’s attention among thousands of other online shops, specialists’ and artists’ profiles might not be easy…unless you have unique, high quality and eye-catching content to interest everyone with.

Preparing customized Instagram posts and stories from scratch might be a tricky and time-consuming task. But luckily, a massive collection of the ready-made Instagram PSD templates here on elegantflyer.com will help to save your effort and money. An Instagram PSD template is a graphic project created from scratch in the world’s leading web design software Adobe Photoshop. Just like all other files in PSD format, an Instagram template allows users to change any of its elements (including text, images, palette, etc.) easily, in order to come up with a fully customized sample.

How can I download an Instagram PSD template from Elegantflyer?

The best designers at elegantflyer.com have applied all their creativity and skills to come up with the exclusive collection of Instagram PSD templates for you to get inspired with and use for successful promotion. Simply scroll through the diverse list of our Free and Premium samples, to pick the one that’s perfect for your Instagram account.

To download a Free Instagram PSD template, check out this list and choose any PSD model. Click the red button with the words “Free Download” on the right to the template – within 15 seconds it will be saved on your device automatically as a ZIP archive. Open the folder, extract the original sample, and customize any of its elements (e.g. texting, palette, images, scales, etc.) in Adobe Photoshop.

To save a Premium template for Instagram, go here, pick a file, press the red button with the word “Purchase”; within moments you’ll proceed to checkout. Elegantflyer guarantees that the process of purchasing will be fast and safe for you.

Is it possible to customize an Instagram PSD template in Adobe Photoshop for free?

As one of the numerous Adobe Creative Cloud products, Photoshop is used worldwide at a certain fee. However, all newbies can check out the benefits of this program during a free 7-day trial period. Within this week new users can enhance, create, and edit images, including PSD templates – such as the Instagram templates offered by elegantflyer.com.

To get free access to the Photoshop trial version, visit the official site of Adobe, choose a pricing plan, and click the “Free Trial” button. Next pick one of these plans: for students, individuals, or business. Now it’s time to create an Adobe ID, and download the program on your computer, or other device. A full version of PS with the latest updates will be available for you. Once the trial period expires, you can easily continue the subscription.

How do I customize an Instagram PSD template from Elegantflyer?

Just like all other templates in PSD format, an Instagram PSD template has a fully designed structure which can be customized by any user in Photoshop. One can change the palette, edit text, add or delete images, etc. without the need to develop a composition and layout. Even PS newbies can end up with the original and attention-grabbing posts and stories templates for their community on Instagram.

To customize an Instagram PSD template from elegantflyer.com, you should start with downloading it on your device as a ZIP archive. Next, you should unpack the original sample in PS, and go through the list of layers (the images that stack and form up the template without interacting or destructing), to decide what exactly you’d like to change. Anything – from text to vector elements – can be added, edited or replaced within minutes. Finally, a customized template can be easily distributed and shared on Instagram.

Are Instagram PSD templates from Elegantflyer free? How can I use them?

Our creative team at elegantflyer.com is proud to present a broad and diverse selection of Instagram templates in PSD format that can be turned into stylish stories and posts to share with our followers. Both Free and Premium templates are available for you to choose from.

When you download a free Instagram PSD template, Elegantflyer grants you a royalty-free, non-exclusive license. You are allowed to alter, reproduce, or share such a template for any commercial or personal purposes. Consider please that in case with the free templates we expect you to attribute to our site. You should link back to elegantflyer.com or the original template when you post its edited version on Instagram.

As for the Premium Instagram templates, we set no limitations or a special requirement to provide the link. Anyone who purchases a paid sample or our subscription can enjoy these benefits.