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A big choice of vector EPS templates for every occasion

Elegantflyer.com, one of the leading providers of professional graphic supplies for everyone, is glad to present this unique collection of free vector EPS templates. While finding high quality materials in EPS format online is not always an easy task, our amazing team of experienced designers took care to create a special compilation of vector templates fit for a variety of needs and occasions. Crafted with thought, skill and precise attention to detail, the templates featured below will look impressive whether printed or posted online.

Willing to provide a flawless template for every user, we made sure this list to be extensive and versatile. As you scroll it you will find everything from logos and business cards to a wide array of flyer models and social media templates. A choice of themes is broad, too: invitations to parties, sales and seasonal celebrations are all included into the list.

Unique vector EPS templates: free download and easy customization

The EPS format is widely considered to be a good choice for high-resolution illustrations and printing; this is why many users search for adjustable EPS templates to use for promotional goals. Compatible with AI, PS and other popular graphic software, vector samples are easily changeable and printable; turning such templates into cool materials for social media is fast and hassle-free, too. You don’t need to obtain advanced skills in order to manage editing an EPS file.

We are sure that aside from stylish designs and intuitive customization free download will become yet another argument for you to download our vector EPS samples. Being able to boost your promotional campaign and engage new followers and customers with the top quality content without spending extra costs sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

General FAQ

What is an EPS template?

EPS is a vectoral file format widely used for storage and professional printing of images. Originally, EPS stands for “Encapsulated PostScript”; this format was developed by Adobe in the 1980’s mostly for professionals. Today, any user can view, edit and convert EPS files in Adobe Illustrator,  and other popular software.

We prepared this collection of special materials in EPS format for those who seek for the highest quality of graphics. On this page you will find versatile flyer and poster models that can help you to announce parties, concerts, festivals, etc. There are also plenty of social media post templates, and even logo and business card samples. You’re welcome to download our EPS materials for free.

How do I download free EPS templates from Elegantflyer?

In case you prefer EPS files over those in other popular formats, we have an amazing array of free designer templates waiting for you. On this page you will find EPS templates for printing and social media; there are models promoting parties, festivals, fashion shows, and more. The highest quality is what all these materials have in common.

Downloading our free EPS templates is easy. All you have to do is pick a sample, and click the red button with the words ‘Free Download’ that appears next to it. In 15 seconds the file will be saved on your device. Now you can unpack and customize it.

Can I customize an EPS template in Adobe for free?

The most popular programs to edit the pre-made EPS templates are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. In this brief guide we explain how you can use them for free.

First of all, visit the official Adobe site; here you can choose to download either Adobe Illustrator or the whole Creative Cloud bundle. As a new user, you can enjoy the free seven-day trial – thus, to opt for it you should click the button with the words ‘Start free trial’ on it. Now, choose one of the available plans – for individuals, businesses, or for students & teachers. After this, pick a pricing plan that’s suitable for you. Proceed by creating an Adobe ID, and have the software downloaded on your device. That’s it! Over the next seven days you can explore Adobe programs with the latest updates, launch new projects, and customize the pre-made templates, such as the EPS templates by Elegantflyer. Once the trial expires, you can purchase the long-term subscription.

How do I edit an EPS template by Elegantflyer?

While it is possible to view vector EPS files in various apps, the majority of users opt for either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop when it comes to editing.

Adobe Illustrator is software widely used for creating graphic design projects, such as icons, logos, book illustrations, etc. Although AI has a big number of advanced features and editing tools, even a newbie can manage basic customization of EPS templates. Here’s what you should do:

Firstly, launch the application, and click File > Open, to open an EPS template. Next, as the file opens in the editing interface, you’ll see the list of layers (images that shape up any template) in the dialogue box. Now you can pick and alter any layers. Once done with the editing, click File > Export to save the changes.

Alternatively, you can use the other major Adobe program – Photoshop. Keep in mind though that to customize an EPS file in Photoshop you should first convert it into PSD format. After this you’ll be able to edit text, change the colors, replace the images, etc.

Are EPS templates by Elegantflyer free, and how can I use them?

Eager to deliver top quality graphic materials to everybody we started this unique collection of templates in EPS formats. Our team hopes that among the versatile and stylish-looking samples you’ll find a perfect piece for the next occasion.

You’re welcome to download, edit, and distribute our EPS files for free; however, there’re a couple of things for you to consider. As you download free templates, elegantflyer.com provides you with a non-exclusive, royalty-free license. In return, we expect you to make an attribution by providing a link to our site or to the original template. Alternatively, you won’t have to follow these requirements if you opt for our Premium files or purchase a paid subscription.