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Best Free Logo templates in PSD (Photoshop format) for your company, brand, club or shop. ✓ Free for commercial use. ✓ Choose and download any free editable PNG, PSD or EPS logo template and customize it in Photoshop or Illustrator!

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Fabulous logo templates for your brand identity

Welcome to elegantflyer.com – one of the leading online resources of top quality graphic supplies! On this page our team is proud to present a unique compilation of logo templates and sets. Original, stylish and polished to the smallest detail, our creations will aid you at developing your brand’s identity. We grant that with the impeccable quality of graphics the process of customizing and applying a logo will go fast and hassle-free.

Aspired to provide a perfect logo for every business owner, we made this collection broad and diverse. Make sure to scroll the whole list as it will offer you a big number of eye-catchy logotypes and logograms. Besides, on our collection you will find many exclusive Photoshop logo sets where several designs are joined by one unique style and idea; using one a few of those will certainly help you stand out from the crowd.

Download free customizable logo templates and sets in different formats

The importance of a logo is hard to overestimate – often this small detail is the first one to introduce potential customers to your brand. A unique and thought-through logo which perfectly sums up the style and goals can make your brand popular and recognizable. Our collection includes not only classic logotypes (cool samples of lettering) and logograms (the images summing up a business concept) but also a large number of the so-called ‘hybrids’ where a text and an image are combined into a unique design.

Two key advantages of the logos featured below are that they are free and easy to customize. Presented in three formats – PSD (Photoshop) , EPS & PNG – our designs are compatible with Photoshop, AI and other graphic software. You don’t need any advanced skills to pick a piece you like, change it and apply it to your products, flyers, social media templates, etc. We hope that you enjoy the process!

General FAQ

What is a logo template?

A logo template is a design project that might include either graphic or design elements, or both. The pre-made logotypes typically are vector-based; thus, any user can alter their color and the placement of text in popular graphic design software.

Here, on elegantflyer.com we offer a wide choice of free adjustable logo sets joined by themes, styles, and color; single logotypes are available, too. All samples are crafted from scratch by our skilled designers. You are welcome to use them as an excellent base while developing your company’s logo. Alternatively, our free materials can give a massive inspiration boost to help you figure what composition and style of logotype will be the best fit for your brand’s identity.

How do I download free logo templates from Elegantflyer?

Versatility and top quality was what we had in mind while starting this ample collection of logotype templates. Each design you see here was carefully crafted by an experienced pro. Whether you own a restaurant, a spa salon, provide legal services, or are to organize a big music festival, we definitely have unique and eye-catching logos ready for you. Our designers enjoy crafting new samples, in order to regularly broaden this list.

Downloading logotypes from our site is easy – all you need to do is click a template, and press the red button with the words ‘Free Download’ next to it. As soon as in 15 seconds the original file will be saved on your device. Now, you can proceed by unpacking it, and customizing in AI, PS or other software.

Can I customize a logo template in Adobe for free?

One of the biggest advantages of the adjustable logo templates offered by Elegantflyer is that they are available in several formats – EPS, PSD, and PNG. We provide these in order not to limit you to just one design editing software. Thus, you can use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or other popular programs of your choice.

Since both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop belong to Adobe Creative Cloud, they are available worldwide at a fee. However, new users are offered a free seven-day trial. In order to get it, you first should go to official Adobe site, and pick one of the available pricing plans. After this you’ll be asked to choose one of these plans: for individuals, businesses, teachers or students. Next, you’ll need to create an Adobe ID, and have the program downloaded on your device. That’s it! Now you can start new design projects, edit the pre-made templates (including our logo samples), and explore Photoshop with all the latest features included. Once the trial period expires, you can purchase a long-term subscription.

How do I edit a logo PSD template by Elegantflyer?

Using a free logotype template – like the ones assembled in our collection – has many advantages. First of all, it saves your costs. Secondly, it also spares your time, especially for the urgent projects, when waiting for a customized design to be prepared is not an option. However, you should keep in mind that the templates available on the open resources can be used by other companies. For this reason, you should try your best when customizing a pre-made logotype, in order to make it a perfect fit to your brand’s identity.

Even though logotypes are vector images, and normally can be adjusted in Adobe Illustrator, you can access them via Photoshop, too. One of the possible ways to do this is to open the ‘File’ menu, and then click the ‘Open as Smart Object’ command. The ability to convert a vector logo into an adjustable raster image is especially helpful when you are customizing other PSD templates, – such as flyers, certificates, etc. This way you can add vector logos, and resize them without losing the original quality which broadens your editing options.

Are logo PSD templates by Elegantflyer free, and how can I use them?

We here at elegantflyer.com hope that on this diverse collection you will find a logotype which ideally represents your business or services. Feel free to use our files, but before you start editing them, here are a couple of nuances we’d like you to consider.

As you download these or other free templates, Elegantflyer grants you a non-exclusive, royalty-free license. However, we expect you to attribute to our site by providing a link to it, or to an original template you chose. Alternatively, you can consider purchasing our Premium files or a paid subscription, and face no such requirements.