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Fantastic menu PSD templates by pro designers

Welcome to elegantflyer.com. On this page we’d like to present one of our most amazing categories – a broad selection of free menu templates PSD. Created with diligence and passion by our professional designers, these samples can turn into amazing menus that will certainly impress your guests. We made sure that each piece featured below has a stylish look and a smart, well-organized structure which easily matches the food names and prices with the mouth-watering images and tasteful illustrations.

The importance of menus is hard to overestimate as they present a café or a restaurant. Summing up the concept of a place, a menu should help the guests feel the right vibe the moment they open it. An original and stylish menu makes a great impression on the customers, allowing them to enjoy food even more. Having applied all diligence and skill, Elegantflyer promises that your place will benefit from using our free menu templates.

Flawless menu templates: free and adjustable in Photoshop

Turning pages of a menu is a special pleasure which makes us anticipate tasty food and pleasant time spent at a great place. The menus that perfectly match the style of a restaurant, a bar or a coffee-house can impress even the most demanding guests.

As you check out the unique list below you’ll see that our creations are thought through to the smallest detail, each piece looking like an eye-candy. Here you will find single-leaf, be-fold and tri-fold templates. They are easy to edit in Photoshop: changing the names and prices and adding the matching images won’t take longer than a few minutes. Thanks to the excellent quality of graphics your menus will look great once printed. And most importantly, all PSD samples here are available for free. Enjoy!

General FAQ

What is a restaurant menu PSD template?

A restaurant menu PSD template is a graphic design project prepared with the help of the major design software Adobe Photoshop. Just like all other samples in PSD format, a restaurant menu template can be easily altered in PS. You can edit the palette, change text, replace images, add logos or other vector elements, etc. Eventually, you will get a fully customized sample that matches the style and the concept of your place.

Developing a design of your future menu might be a demanding task as there are many details you have to consider. Whether a menu has just one or multiple pages, it should be well-organized so that the customers can easily find any type of food and drinks, as well as the corresponding prices. But most importantly, a menu should complement the interior and ambience of your place, making the guests’ visit special from the very start. Luckily, each menu template we offer has a smart design and an original stylish look. In the free collection here you can find the samples for different types of bars, restaurants, cafes, etc.

How do I download free restaurant menu PSD templates from Elegantflyer?

As a restaurant or a café owner you may find it challenging to decide on the look of your future menu. Luckily, on this page elegantflyer.com is ready to offer you a great selection of quality menu templates in PSD format. All you have to do is select a matching sample, adjust the details in Photoshop, and print out any number of flawless paper copies.

To download a restaurant menu PSD template from this collection of freebies, click on it, and then press the red button with the words “Free Download”. Within 15 seconds a ZIP file will be automatically saved on your device. Go on by unpacking this archive in PS, and make the necessary edits: change text and prices, add your logo, replace images if needed, etc.

Can I customize a restaurant menu template in Adobe Photoshop for free?

As an Adobe Creative Cloud product, Photoshop is available worldwide at a fee. The great news is that the new customers can enjoy a seven-day trial version free of charge. If you’re new to PS, do the following.

Start off by visiting the official Adobe site, pick one of the offered pricing plans, and don’t forget to click a ‘Free Trial’ button. Proceed by selecting a plan for businesses, individuals, or students, create an Adobe ID, and have the software downloaded on your device. That’s it! Over the next week you can explore the full version of PS, including the latest updates. During the trial period you can complete several small projects or edit the images and PSD files (for instance, restaurant menu templates by Elegantflyer). Once the free version expires, you can continue with the paid subscription.

How do I edit a restaurant menu PSD template by Elegantflyer?

All templates in PSD format, including restaurant menus, have a pre-designed structure that can be altered in Photoshop. Even those users who are new to PS can easily edit the colors and text, replace images, add logos and other vector elements, etc. There’s no need in developing a template’s layout and composition from scratch which significantly saves one’s time and effort. Using a designer template – such as the free menu samples offered by Elegantflyer – will allow you to prepare stylish and appealing menus for your place.

To customize a menu PSD template from our free category, first you should download it on your PC in the form of ZIP archive. Proceed by unpacking the original file in Photoshop, and look through the list of layers – these are the images that form up any PSD template. Make the necessary edits of the text, palette and other details, save the changes, and send the customized sample to print.

Are restaurant menu PSD templates by Elegantflyer free, and how can I use them?

Original ideas and diversity is what makes our collection of free menu PSD templates special. We guarantee that the menus printed with any of these templates will impress your customers. Our skilled designers regularly broaden this compilation with the new fabulous samples.

Here are a few nuances that you should consider when you download the menu templates from elegantflyer.com. With every free template we grant you a non-exclusive, royalty-free license. This means that you can customize, reproduce, and spread our file for any personal and commercial needs, but you’ll have to attribute to Elegantflyer. Simply provide a link to the original sample or to our site in your menus. Alternatively, you can opt for our Premium files or purchase a subscription – and not deal with any limitations or requirements.