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Welcome to Elegantflyer – an extensive online resource of top quality design tools for everyone. Here we’d like to present one of our most amazing and diverse categories – a collection of free CD cover templates PSD. All those who are searching for a cool free CD cover template will find a whole bunch of fantastic offers here! Created by our skilled designers, the PSD templates below will impress you and your potential customers with the original ideas and top quality of graphics.

Keen on promotional projects, we know that a unique and eye-catchy cover can grant success to any disk. Picking a template which matches the style of music tracks is important as it helps to draw in more listeners. It’s not always easy to find original and cool-looking CD cover templates for free, but luckily Elegantflyer can supply you with a massive array of superb samples.

Unique CD cover templates for Photoshop: easy-to-customize & free

Creating CD covers is a kind of art as the design featured on a cover is what will make the first and the most important impression on a listener when they are about to pick your CD out of dozens of others in a music store. Even if you are recording a mixtape for a friend, a loved one, or yourself, applying a creative design to it will make a disk more special.

The PSD templates compiled below were designed from scratch by our aspiring pros, who also are avid music fans, and can appreciate an original look of a disk cover. High quality of graphics and well-organized layers make our offers easily adjustable in Photoshop, and perfect for printing. And most importantly, all CD cover templates on this page are free, so go ahead, and pick a piece which goes in tune with your record.

General FAQ

What is a CD cover PSD template?

A CD cover PSD template is a graphic design product crafted in the world’s leading design software Adobe Photoshop. Similarly to other samples in PSD format, CD cover templates can be customized in PS. Namely, you can change the text, colors, scales, add images and vector elements, etc. As a result, you get an adjusted product which matches your preferences, as well as a style and genre of your music.

Designing a cover for a new CD might be a challenging task, especially if you pursue commercial goals. To design a piece that looks both eye-catching and sums up your collection of tracks might take more effort and time than you expect. What we offer on this page is a wide array of unique templates crafted by experienced pros. A variety and top quality will allow you to pick an ideal piece for your CD.

How do I download free CD cover PSD templates from Elegantflyer?

In case you need a special themed cover for your new CD, using a premade template in PSD format might be a great idea. A few minutes are enough to customize such a sample and turn it into any number of printed copies. Our skilled team here at elegantflyer.com is glad to offer you a broad selection of original CD cover templates for Photoshop. Don’t hesitate to download an apt design – we promise that you’ll be amazed with the results.

To save a PSD template from this collection, click on it and then hit the red button with the words ‘Free Download’. Within the next 15 seconds you’ll have the template automatically saved on your device in the form of ZIP archive. Go on, unpack it, to get the original piece, and proceed with the necessary edits in Photoshop.

Can I customize a CD cover template in Adobe Photoshop for free?

Photoshop and other products provided by Adobe Creative Cloud are available worldwide at a certain fee. However, within the first week new customers can use Photoshop free of charge. Over this period they can start a new graphic project, edit their images, and customize templates in PSD format – such as the ones offered by Elegantflyer.

You won’t need much time to access the trial version of Adobe Photoshop. Start off by opening the official site of Adobe. Choose one of the available pricing plans, and click the ‘Free Trial’ option. Go on, and pick one of these plans: for individuals, students, or business. Finally, you should create an Adobe ID, and download software on your PC or other device. You’ll be able to continue the subscription in seven days, once the free version expires.

How do I edit a CD cover PSD template by Elegantflyer?

All templates in PSD format have a pre-designed structure, – and CD cover templates by Elegantflyer are no exception. Any sample included into this collection can be easily adjusted in Photoshop. For example, you can change the colors, replace or delete images, edit the CD’s name and list the tracks on the inside part of the cover; there’s no need for you to develop the template’s layout from scratch. Even those who have little experience of using PS won’t need more than a few minutes to craft stylish printable covers.

To adjust a CD cover template by elegantflyer.com, you need to download it on your device in the form of ZIP archive. Proceed by unpacking the file in Photoshop, and check out the list of layers – these are the stacked images that shape up any template; pick the layers which you’d like to change. Once you’re finished, save the edits and print out as many copies of the cover as you need.

Are CD cover PSD templates by Elegantflyer free, and how can I use them?

We are sure that the versatility and stylish look of the templates included into this collection will impress you. Our professional designers keep working to add new amazing samples to this list. A quick intuitive customization in PS will help you land down with an ideal cover for a CD.

Here’re a couple of important nuances you should know about using our products. When you download a CD cover model, our site grants you a non-exclusive, royalty-free license. You will be able to change, reproduce, and distribute the PSD file pursuing any personal and commercial needs. Keep in mind though that Elegantflyer expects an attribution. You’re supposed to provide a link to the original sample or to our site. Alternatively, you can opt for our Premium materials, or a paid subscription, and not deal with any limitations.