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Affiliate Program

Earn 25% commission for all sales from each new user during 90 days and 15% commission for a sale from an already registered user at by ElegantFlyer.

A few words about our partner program:

1. We work via guarantor

- Our online payment processing is an intermediary between by ElegantFlyer and an affiliate.

2. 90 days active cookies

- We pay for each sale, not just for the first one.

3. Monthly payments

- Funds are automatically paid out every month as long as you have $100 or more available on your account.

4. We’re a Team

- We work directly with all of our affiliates to ensure their sites and promotions are set up for success.

5. We process payments via the following ways

- Payoneer, PayPal, bank account.

If you want to start making money right today, you need to complete the following several steps:

1. Register at our partner program on

Sign up for an affiliate program

2. Connect your paddle account with your by ElegantFlyer member account.

Connect your Paddle account