6 Types of Print Marketing Materials Every Graphic Designer Should Master

Print design is a special category of design that is focused on the design of marketing and brand identity materials in a format and specifications which are qualified for printing. If you decided to become a print designer, the first thing you should learn is what is the subject of your design work. Besides the main differences between print design and web design, a good print graphic designer should master several print material templates which are usually popular among clients. Below you will find 6 in-demand print design materials types.

Flyer is one of the most popular leave-behind marketing material types which usually “hit the high points” about a service, new product or an event. Flyers are usually distributed in public places, in shops on displays, by mail, etc. Flyers usually have a one- or two-sided format which allows including the most essential information like:

  • Logo;
  • Attractive headline;
  • Service types (if this is a business flyer);
  • Event information (if this is an event flyer);
  • Company address and phone number;
  • Social media links.

Here is a good example of a business flyer design which promotes a service. It has the most important information and key points about the service which visually stands out from the rest of the information.

6 Types of Print Marketing Materials Every Graphic Designer Should Master

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And here is an event flyer design example:

6 Types of Print Marketing Materials Every Graphic Designer Should Master

Brochure is another promotional print template which provides a more detailed information about a business, its services or products. It contains more copy and usually is designed in bi- or tri-fold format which allows putting more information, business details, images, etc. Have a look at this example of a great example of a tri-fold business brochure template which showcases the benefits of business services and provides high-quality and attractive and convincing imagery:

6 Types of Print Marketing Materials Every Graphic Designer Should Master

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Gift Certificate is an alternative print marketing material which helps to sell your services or products in an indirect way by providing a limited amount of money or a discount for your services (products) or a concrete service (product) which is mentioned in a gift certificate. For example, you have a lot of satisfied clients and they have a lot of friends with whom they share their positive experience with you, your products or services.

You can gain a lot of new clients by selling your services via gift certificates, which your clients give as presents to their relatives and friends. Gift certificates solve a lot of sales tasks. First of all, they help to attract new clients and chances are higher than if they just received a promotional flyer which just describes your services. On the other hand, you can provide a freedom of choice to your future clients, so they can decide what service or product to buy from you.

Here is a good example of a gift certificate:

6 Types of Print Marketing Materials Every Graphic Designer Should Master

Poster is a piece of marketing material which is usually attached to a vertical surface (wall, window, etc.). As its main destination is to attract the attention of passing by people, its design and visual content should be eye-catchy. As a rule, poster serves as announcements of upcoming events. In other cases, people use posters for political and propaganda purpose or for public service advertising. Here are some essential tips for designing posters.

Business Card is a powerful marketing tool and is one of the most popular types of print marketing materials. Every entrepreneur or service provider should have a business card, so if you master business card design, you won’t die from hunger. On the one hand, a visit card helps to present your brand, company, services or product and convey the key message of your business. On the other hand, it is a powerful promotional tool which should drive people’s attention and make them call, buy or learn more about your business with a good and convincing call-to-action. Learn how to create a business card design that gets noticed.

Booklets are small books or catalogs which provide a detailed information, prices and photos of the products or services. Unlike brochures, booklets or catalogs have a multi-page format and are usually designed in InDesign program.

These are the least but not the last print design templates you need to master in order to become a most wanted print graphic designer. Start getting the foot in the door by designing these popular print marketing design templates and you’ll soon see the first clients.

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