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Free Text Effects Templates in PSD

Do you want to make your design more catchy and creative? We have a solution for you - text effects in PSD!

Whatever you working on – flyers or logotypes, pay attention to the text. Words and mottos are important. But text style is essential too. Instead of spending hours searching for the perfect script, just use our text effects. These templates will help you to transform your text in one click.

Magic – Free Text Effect PSD Template

We want to start with this wonderful free Magic text effect. As you can see, it looks a bit mysterious because of colorful smoke and sparkles. In the pack you will find 3 different color versions. Also, you can experiment in Photoshop to create your own vision. This colorful magical text effect will fit for party flyers, personal branding, etc.


Smoke – Free Text Effect PSD Template

The next item is this Smoke effect. Realistic smoke letters will help you to catch the attention if you want to announce a hot party. The archive includes 3 different color scheme as well – choose the one that fits better for your ideas.


Motion – Free Text Effect PSD Template

Here you can see colorful free text effect in PSD with a motion effect. Just look at these neon colors! It’s definitely a must-have for designs related to cyberpunk and retrowave aesthetic. Feel free to try it on!


Candy – Free Text Effect PSD Template

Don’t pass by this yummy candy text effect! It looks like a real lolipop for sure! This text template would be perfect for the branding of sweets, confectionary, desserts, etc. But of course there’s no limits for you – you can use this free candy text effect for different projects.


Forest – Free Text Effect PSD Template

This lovely wooden text effect is a great choice to promote organic production. You have plenty of options here: cosmetics, eco products, wooden items, etc. Creative forest text effect in PSD is absolutely free for you. Click to download and use it for your ideas!


Bubble – Free Text Effect PSD Template

Here you can see a stunning Bubble Text Effect. It would perfectly fit a car wash design. Also, you can use it in the advertising campaigns for shower products or washing powder.


Game – Free Text Effect PSD Template

Don’t pass by this awesome cyberpunk text effect! The catchy futuristic typeface style is good for games, bar signboards, and apparel design. What are your ideas? Click to download free Game Text Effect in PSD!


Frozen – Free Text Effect PSD Template

The next item is free Frozen Text Effect. Just look at this realistic ice texture! Snow, snowflakes and icicles are making this text effect perfect for any winter design. Do you agree with us?


Barbie – Free Text Effect PSD Template

This girlie text effect will catch a lot of attention for sure. Cute Barbie lettering is easily editable in Photoshop. Just try it on to make some designs for your project.


Separation – Free Text Effects PSD Template

Now pay attention to this unusual PSD text with a separation effect. Looks pretty awesome, isn’t it? You can change the color palette in one click according to your design.


Jungle – Free Text Effect PSD Template

Check out our bright Jungle Text Effect with neon shine! Free lettering is surrounded by monstera leaves which makes it even more stunning. There are a few color versions in the pack. Click to download!


Redline – Free Text Effect PSD Template

Another fresh text effect in PSD for free! This will look good for branding, graphic design, advertising. In Photoshop you can change the light color. It will not take much effort.


Glitter – Free Text Effect PSD Template

Now let’s switch to this elegant Glitter text effect! It will look so pretty with handwriting – you can try any other calligraphic script. We are sure, that this shiny lettering on the starry sky background will help you to create something really beautiful!


Dream – Free Text Effect PSD Template

Okay, what about this wonderful text effect? It is absolutely free as well as easily editable. Catchy letter shape and creative background with drops make this template multipurpose. Don’t hesitate and hurry up to download!


Retro – Free Text Effects PSD Template

To end this collection, we want to introduce this free Retro text effect in PSD format. Vintage look and lovely color palette will catch the attention of everyone. It’s very easy to customize in Photoshop – you will not face any difficulties. Add it to your text effect collection!


We hope you enjoyed our text effect collection and found what you were looking for!