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Download unique funeral program templates in PSD

On this page an open resource of top quality graphic materials, elegantflyer.com, would like to present one of its most special collections – a list of free funeral program templates PSD. Those in need of a quality funeral brochure model will certainly find a big selection of professional samples here. Carefully designed by experienced professionals the offered templates stand to the highest graphic standards, and will look flawless once printed.

Our team hopes that the diversity of samples included into this list can make the process of choosing the right piece easier. Below you will see both bi-fold and tri-fold funeral brochure templates; while the former look more concise, the latter ones may provide longer sections of text and a few extra images. You’re free to choose whichever program template seems more apt.

Unique funeral brochure PSD templates: free and easy to edit

When arranging a memorial service, saddened by the circumstances people are willing to get aid and pay less attention to the details. This is why our team decided to come up with a unique compilation of funeral program templates. The flawless bi-fold and tri-fold brochures are designed in a way to be ready for print after the minimal editing. All you might need to do is add several photos and replace the sample text sections with the personal words written in the loving memory of a deceased one. We also cared to make the array of the available designs diverse so that you could pick a template which perfectly represents a lost family member, a partner or a friend.

Created in PSD format, the funeral program templates below can be adjusted in Adobe Photoshop even by those who have little to no experience of operating the popular software; several minutes would be enough to complete the necessary customization. Besides, much as the broad array of other templates on our site, the funeral brochures below are available for free.

General FAQ

What is a funeral program PSD template?

A funeral program template in PSD format is a design project prepared in the leading program Adobe Photoshop. Just like other PSD templates, a funeral program can be easily adjusted. Any user can change the colors, replace or delete images, edit text, etc. As a result, the program model into a unique product based on the pre-made layout.

Willing to give a helping hand to those who are preparing to a sad event, Elegantflyer team came up with this special collection of free funeral brochure templates. We hope that among the versatile samples you will find the one which will help everyone present at the service to lovingly remember the deceased loving one.

How do I download free funeral program PSD templates from Elegantflyer?

In the broad collection of funeral programs presented here you will find a wide selection of fully adjustable templates in PSD format created by our skilled designers. We offer minimalist and neutral, as well as elegant and more feminine designs. There are both bi-fold, and tri-fold programs, and even single-leaf flyer templates available; it is up to you which one of these models to pick. The top quality of the materials ensures ideal printing.

To download a funeral brochure template by elegantflyer.com you should click a favored sample, and then press the red ‘Free Download’ button next to it. Within 15 seconds the original PSD file will be saved on your device in the form of ZIP archive. Next, you can open it in Adobe Photoshop, and proceed with fast and intuitive customization.

Can I customize a funeral program template in Photoshop for free?

As an Adobe Creative Cloud product, Photoshop is available at a fee. However, as a new user you can opt for a free seven-day trial period. Here’s how.

Begin by opening the official Adobe page, choose a pricing plan, and click ‘Free Trial’. Go on by picking one of the available plans – for businesses, individuals, students, or teachers. Next, you should create an Adobe ID, and have the software downloaded on your device. That’s it. Over the next week you can enjoy the full version of PS, with all the latest updates included. Once the trial period expires, you’ll be offered to purchase a paid subscription.

How do I edit a funeral program PSD template by Elegantflyer?

As any other sample in PSD format, a funeral program template can be easily edited in Photoshop. Even those who have little knowledge of the program, will need only a few minutes to edit the text, replace the images, and adjust the colors. There’s no need to develop the brochure from scratch – you can simply stick to the pre-designed layout which should save you much time and effort. Our pros have applied all their skill to prepare the well-organized templates with the reserved yet nice-looking designs that fit the occasion.

To customize a free funeral program model, you should download it on your device. Unpack the ZIP archive in PS, and decide which of the layers (the images that shape up any template) you need altered. Once ready, save the changes, and send the file to print.

Are funeral brochure PSD templates by Elegantflyer free, and how can I use them?

Eager to help those who have lost their loved ones to arrange a beautiful and heartfelt service, we started this collection of the special funeral program templates. Keeping these high quality materials free is the least we can do for those going through the hard period in life.

We appreciate you opting for our templates, and would like you to pay attention to a couple of important nuances. As you download our free brochure samples, we offer you a non-exclusive, royalty-free license. In exchange, we’d appreciate it if you kept the link to the original template, or to our site (elegantflyer.com) on the programs. Besides, you could consider our Premium files – using them doesn’t require an attribution to the site.